ShaBree Henry

ShaBree is an author and the owner + founder of the I AM Thriving Agency, located in Haledon, New Jersey

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In addition to being a board member for Word Seed nc and planner for the Paterson Poetry Festival, ShaBree is known for stimulating brainmaps to help you find your way through confusion and problems, to the MOTION and FLOW needed to THRIVE. Her MIC Check is just that --- a gentle, bold + necessary push to induce your healing and transformation. Just ask the hundreds of women that have read her books, attended her renowned writing retreats, watched her captivating live streams, and are in her global community.

ShaBree has been helping women give birth to their stories for 10+ Years and has been dubbed the Story Midwife. She believes that it is critical for women to not only aggressively pursue personal healing, embrace and tell their stories, but to also publish them in books.

She’s breaking her own water by telling and publishing her stories. ShaBree has self-published 2 international best selling books-- ‘I AM Thriving’ and ‘I AM Thriving Over Anxiety + Fear’. She also Co-Authored an International Best Selling Book - I AM the Voice.

ShaBree is the owner + founder of the I AM Thriving Agency, located in Haledon, New Jersey. By 2025 the I AM THRIVING agency will be known for helping women to THRIVE by embracing, telling and publishing their stories. The I AM THRIVING agency would have impacted the lives of 3,000+ women through publishing books, and will consistently show up in the literary industry to provide purposely empowered narratives.

ShaBree has a BA in Professional + Technical Writing. Her expertise is Transformational Coaching. She believes that women can live their best life in real life + THRIVE while doing it. Her life is evidence that you can THRIVE and always make your next move your best move.

When ShaBree’s not writing, reading or publishing, you can find her experimenting with a new vegan recipe and spending time with her family. ShaBree believes that you already have everything that you need, so take what you have and make it what you want. Meet your Story Midwife + in the words of ShaBree #LetsTHRIVE!