Tori is an ambassador for change and urges her viewers to continue to be their own light and believe in the power within themselves.

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Proud Newark NJ native ToriLive is an inspirational vlogger who started her visual journalism and speaking journey in late 2016 with the creation of #TheDailyNuggetWithToriLive on Facebook. While TheDailyNugget remaining a Facebook staple it has since expanded to Tori's YouTube platform: ToriLive Out Loud. On TheDailyNugget Tori uses her personal experience and knowlege to inspire, uplift, and encourage her viewers. The success of TheDailyNugget has also landed Tori speaking opportunities such as a spot on 8 Squad Rebel Radio's HLK Trauma Unit podcast as the first female co-host, a seasonal spot as a co-host/facilitator of TheHUBB's MTOL Youth Forum, a spot as a speaker on the Shades of Wellness discussion panel, just to name a few things on top of the multiple interviews Tori has been privileged to be apart of over the years. Tori became a part of Newark's poetry scene in mid 2017 when she started doing media managing for 360 Poetry Night with Justice Rountree. Throughout the years she has worked with EvoluCulture, Jersey Poetry Movement, The CryOut Cave and has been a virtual host for the Paterson Poetry Festival two years in a row. She is now a resident of Atlanta Georgia but will forever keep her roots in Newark and poetry strong. ToriLive is an ambassador for change and urges her viewers, listeners and followers to continue to be their own light and believe in the unstoppable power within themselves.


Virtual | Saturday- Monday | October 1-3 | Host of Virtual Paterson Poetry Festival